Our Library Room

The college though new, availed a rich library located in a separate, spacious well furnished, lighted ventilated, and enriched stocked library. The reading hall of the library accommodates 50 students at a time, and a separate reading hall for practicing lawyers and a separate provision is made for staff members. The library is equipped with almost all reference journals and textbooks including those recommended by the University.

A regular and bonafide student of the college can avail of the facility of the reading room, where they can borrow periodicals/references or textbooks, Question papers, syllabus, etc. by depositing their valid Library card. We subscribe all important leading newspapers of local and national importance.

Rules of Library:

The issuing of books, periodicals and other reading material from the library and return of it is subject to the following rules.

  1. Issuing will only by on the deposit of valid Library 
  2. If a Student borrows reading material for 24 hours, the failure of which leads to a penalty as prescribed by the Principal/ Librarian.
  3. Issue and return will take place on the counter of the of the library.
  4. No reference books, periodical, and rare reading material will be issued, nor syllabus/ question papers will be 
  5. While borrowing books, students ensure that it is in good condition and not. page of it is turned or  If it is torn or if pages disappear student will have to pay the full price of the book or will have to substitute the book.
  6. If a student wants a particular author or book, which is already issued to others, he may place his demand of claims with the librarian in the prescribed form such book will be issued on the basis of demand on availability of books.

Rules of Reading Room:

  1. Library is open to all students. Non-teaching and teaching staff of the college. The admission to other readers is subject to the permission of the principal.
  2. As the furniture in the library is costly and delicate it should be used in a proper manner.
  3. Noise of any kind is not tolerated and no crowd is permitted either in the reading rooms or at the counter, or in the corridor.
  4. Student can use the reading rooms with the prior permission of the principal and depositing fee non-refundable as prescribed.
  5. Spitting and smoking is strictly prohibited.
  6. Breach of above rules invites a heavy penalty to be imposed on the recommendation of Librarian.
  7. If the book issued is deteriorated marked/page missing then students have to pay penalty imposed by principal.
  8. Student are directed to follow rules made from tome to time for library by the librarian/Principal.

Moot Court

Practical Training Programme and Moot Court/ Curricular and extra-curricular activities

We are having big spacious Moot-Court Hall with all infrastructure.

The College encourages all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the purpose of fullest development of personality of student. For this purpose, college depute a full-time staff. We arrange for practical training and moot court and moot trial regularly for benefit of students. Besides the practical training, the college also arranges expert lectures and discussion on various important current topics. College itself arranges these tournaments to develop the skills of the students. As a part of curriculum College organizes competitions at the State and National level. College also affords to depute teams to drama; Music and one act play competition and other activities.